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LG G4 Screen goes black during a call – after screen replacement

So I bought new LG G4 phones for my wife and I.  They were the new leather-backed model.  Seemed nice.  Be careful – the leather does not protect from a fall at all.  I had mine for  about 3 hours when it fell off my desk and cracked. This thing is light and fragile.  Before you leave the store buy an Otterbox and screen protector.  Assuming you didn’t……..

I bought a new screen and digitizer off of ebay from FlashtecLLC.  It came quick and then I made a discovery:  ALWAYS BUT THE ONE WITH THE BEZEL.  It will save you lots of trouble.   So, I contacted them and sent back and bought the one with the bezel (also from them).

Last night I installed. it I had to watch several videos to get it right.  None of them, however, mentioned that there are 2 little plastic pieces on the top of your old screen that may not be in your replacement (they weren’t in mine.).

One of them has 2 little holes – it is for the proximity sensor.  With out it it the sensor is near sighted and thinks the proximity is always 0 CM – meaning the phone thinks it is up against your ear so it blacks out the screen,  What’s the big deal? Well once the call is connected the screen goes blank and no amount of pressing buttons gets it back until the call is disconnected.  If you get a voice mail box you have to wait till it hangs up on you till your phone is usable again.


These are the things you need to transfer from the old screen.
These are the things you need to transfer from the old screen.


Good luck.  Watch lots of videos before you do it.  I think I opened mine up about 10 times before I found these little doodads.